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Welcome to the Grove!

Here is a place where grottolings gather and attempt to live among each other.

Your first two grottolings are free when you join. So choose wisely! Wysps, Skimmers, Terrans, Darters, and Spinners may all join you. And if you're lucky you may chance upon a Dawnweaver or Lasher!

Pick a species and ruler to follow, and interact with others - maybe something magical will happen!

Note: Wysps, Skimmers, Terrans, Darters, and Spinners are all Semi-Open. You are allowed to create 2 common grottolings of those species. Traits can be added on later through earning group currency. The designs must be approved before they can be used in events.

Discord Chat

Lore and Species Information

Gallery Folders

Terran Reference - The Divine Horn by FuyusFox
Grotto Lore - Alchemist Fizzwick by FuyusFox
Grotto Lore - Scryer Lemuria by FuyusFox
Breezie Grotto Skimmer Council Height Chart by FuyusFox
??!? Core - p0W3R by Grotto-Resources
Blessing Core - Peace by Grotto-Resources
Blessing Core - Acceptance by Grotto-Resources
Blessing Core - Repentance by Grotto-Resources
Grotto NPCs
Grotto NPC Cookie Dough - Updated Reference by FuyusFox
Grotto Shopkeeper NPC - Aster by FuyusFox
The Scryer - Star Tulip by FuyusFox
Grotto NPC - Fizzwick by FuyusFox
Valentine's Adopt - Feeling Baa-ashful [Closed] by FuyusFox
Grotto Raffle Results - Cupid by FuyusFox
Spinner OTA - Closed by Owl-Feather27
February Skimmer OTA Egg (CLOSED) by Colbyr
Com: Obsidian by SilverStarStrike
New shade? owo by StormyDrawsArt
The Obsidian Gem and Jewelery Shop by StormyDrawsArt
Aspen Icon (C) by SketchyBum-Tay
The boiii (R) by StormyDrawsArt
Misty Fun by SketchyBum-Tay
.:BG:. Cuddle Time by SmolGhostPone
.:BG:. Blep by SmolGhostPone
C Evergreen Stained Glass by Beadedwolf22
[C] Glowing brightly by Bee-Belle
In Flight by TiaCakes
Minty - Suit and Tie by Observer3510
[Grottoling] Cora by Ayase-Kinjou
[One Layer] Cora by Lunnaria-Shirayuri
Colbyr Icon 2/4 by TiaCakes
Grottoling Custom - Apparatarti by Owl-Feather27
C Pixie Stained Glass by Beadedwolf22
Raffle Prize: Wraith by SilverStarStrike
Art Payment for TiaCakes: 6/10: Rose Thorn by TheMegaNut
Art Payment for TiaCakes: 5/10: Edgar by TheMegaNut
Luck by SilverStarStrike
Hemlock - PC BG by Observer3510
That's The Way You Showed Me by Owl-Feather27
Off by SilverStarStrike
Inktober, Day 7: Shy by SilverStarStrike
Multiple Species
[COM] Grottoling Sketch Dump by TiaCakes
Infatuation Situation - Cross and Rosamonde by TiaCakes
Contest Entries
Darter DTA: Aureum by GhostpeltThunderClan
Basket Weaving by SparrowDraws
Pending Approval
Blue lullaby by SerpentSolus
.:BG:. Darter YCH (1 Slots) by SmolGhostPone
Secret Santa 2016
Grotto SS Mousehmakes by Colbyr

As far as obtaining the Ultra Rare elemental traits (Quake, Tide, Flare, Flash, and Astral), how would you prefer to get them? 

89 deviants said A bit more in depth. Unlocked through quest/story within the group.
23 deviants said Simple. Buying a Potion or Item to unlock the trait.
3 deviants said Other. (Please comment with your suggestion.)

Grotto Leadership Armada

Meet The Team

The Big Boss
Divider - Sparkles by Inkori
Wysp Admin
Skimmer Admin
Terran Admin
Darter Admin
Spinner Admin
Divider - Sparkles by Inkori
The Contributors

:iconovergrandmapowerlord: :iconowl-feather27: :iconcloud-drawings:


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BabyBlueVixen-Art Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey im back. Lol
Sylveon17 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome back! If you have any questions just let me know ^-^
BabyBlueVixen-Art Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Iloveleopardgeckos Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018
I’m almost done with one of my free ones nes yay her name is going to be lilac river
Sylveon17 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a very pretty name!
Iloveleopardgeckos Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
Also on the quests do we just make an illustration that we think goes with the plot ?
Sylveon17 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Correct! You can draw or write your entry and submit it to the quest folder. However you need a grottoling before you can participate in quests.
I have a question I was reading over the rules and such and it says to join a group I dunno how to do that also it says when you join you get 2 for free I’m confused about that also
and also where can a find all the info about how the grotto works and all that
Sylveon17 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I've sent you an invite to the group! After you accept that you have officially joined!

As for your two free myos this page has more info!
Species Semi-Opening Dates and Rules

And here is the main journal hub!
The Archives

You can find links to our rules, terms of service, and more info!
If you have any more questions just let me know!
Iloveleopardgeckos Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
Ok thx so much and I have joined I will go check out the thing about the free ones thx again 
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